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Cast (in order of appearance):
(Note: some of these descriptions may not 100% pertain to their character counterparts in the comic, as I'm describing their characters more along the lines of the r/l counterparts.)
Pokemon avatar: Blastoise
Description: the author, one of the main characters, and general whipping boy of the comic. While he is actually thoughtful and intelligent, he usually ends up acting random or psychotic, getting himself in trouble and making people wonder if he wouldn't be better off in a mental institution. Reed is also obsessed with robots (particularly battlemechs), and has a large underground hangar/lair where he keeps them and anything else he picks up from anime, TV, or video games.
Pokemon avatar: Magmar
Description: Adam is the guy that sits next to Reed during Japanese class. Both get along fairly well, and Adam will also serve as a fellow conspirator to Reed's plots, or vice versa (though Reed tends to be more morally restrained in r/l). Adam isn't above pulling the occasional prank, and has done many weird things (including, but not limited to, bringing a suction cup dart-gun to class).
Pokemon avatar: Ampharos
Description: Rounding out the testosterone-laden duo of Reed and Adam comes their female desk partner, Lindsey. Lindsey tries to serve as the voice of reason, but is often ignored by either Reed or Adam. Reed's cynicism/skepticism and Lindsey's optimism are known to clash at times. Lindsey is also a talented artists and even-tempered (a necessity with Reed and Adam), but is prone to freaking out about the most bizarre things.
Pokemon avatar: Clefable
Description: Jessica, at least from the author's point of view, is an enigma. While somewhat talkative to friends, she will often take a more laconic stance with others, often replying with only enough to let them know that she acknowledges their presence. Besides being friends with Lindsey and Sara, it's safe to say our author knows Jack-diddly-squat about her.
Pokemon avatar: Tyranitar
Description: Tyler is a football player on the school team, and has the size and strength to go along with it. Reed didn't like or tolerate Tyler much at first, but both became friends after Reed warmed up to Tyler a little. Tyler is by nature optimistic, but will not hold back the insults if he has to.
Pokemon avatar: Butterfree
Description: I won't go into detail about how Reed and Liam became enemies. Suffice to say that it arose from a dispute. In any event, Reed and Liam don't get along. While Liam is actually more intelligent than he is portrayed to be in the comic, he also has an ego large enough to sink a cruise ship. This can often get him in trouble.
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